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Memorial to the Defenders of the Arctic (a huge sculpture of a soldier in a raincoat tent with a submachine gun behind his shoulders is considered a symbol of Murmansk)
Nuclear icebreaker Lenin (the museum shows the life of sailors on the voyage, the cabins, medical unit, dining room and memorial exhibition assembled by the ship's crew are open)
Memorial to the Sailors who died in peacetime (the composition includes the building of the lighthouse, which houses the Memorial Hall and a huge ship's anchor)
Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior on the Waters (the temple was built in a modern Orthodox style, the outside is white, the interior is modest, there are several icons)
Monument "Waiting" (the monument embodies the loyalty of a woman waiting for her husband from the campaign)
Memorial complex of the Abram-Mys microdistrict
Kola Bridge
Northern Lights Active Recreation Park
restaurant "Polar Station"
Monument to the victims of the intervention
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