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Ethnographic Museum Taltsy (a unique open-air museum of wooden architecture, classified as a historical and cultural heritage site)
Chersky Stone (a place from which breathtaking panoramas of Listvyanka, Baikal, forest and port open)
Peschanaya Bay (a picturesque bay surrounded by forests and mountains, an original attraction - "stilted" trees)
Waterfalls on the Kyngarga River (splashes of crystal clear water, fresh, oxygenated air, noise from falling water and movement of stones, beautiful landscapes around the river)
Hoimorsky datsan Bodhidharma (a functioning Buddhist temple located in a picturesque place, there are two centuries-old cedars on the territory)
Healing springs Pearls
Tunkinskaya Valley (you can see waterfalls, forests, alpine meadows and lakes, as well as visit sources with healing mineral water)
Walking trees
Cape Maly Kolokolny
cape Bolshoy Kolokolny
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